Yoga Preparation 

 Wear loose comfortable clothing

Do not eat or drink for 2 hrs before class

Drinking water during class is not recommended

Hydrate before you arrive

Yoga is non competitive

Work with the body you bring with you

Try to close your eyes as much as possible to help you focus

Do not be distracted by others

Do not strain or force your body into postures as this causes tension in the muscles

Relax into the postures & don’t work through cramp

Do not practise when ill or under the influence of alcohol

Always consult a doctor or health care professional before starting a new exercise programme.

Inform your teacher if you have:

Injuries or health issues
e.g. High or low blood pressure
Pregnant or just had a baby
Recovering from surgery

Please mention any other health conditions you have currently or recently recovered from. This will enable alternative posture suggestions specific to you.