• Kind nature and professional manner!

“I have worked with Laura and highly recommend her expertise, knowledge and professionalism with everything that she does. Laura offers a very specialist and unique service, her experience and expertise is second to none, with her knowledge showing in everything she does. Her kind nature and professional manner makes it a great experience working with Laura and I would not hesitate to recommend her.”
Shelagh Haywood – Professional Life Coach, Licensed NLP Practitioner, Expert in stress management, change, trauma and mental well being.

• Excellent Yoga Teacher!

“I have been attending Laura’s Yoga classes for 4 years now and I have never been so fit. She provides clear instructions and walks around the class to ensure that each student is performing to the best of their ability. I would strongly recommend Laura as a Yoga teacher for all levels.”
Jacalyn Max Edinburgh

“A well structured, challenging and most enjoyable class with Laura who has the ability to nurture your inner yogi no matter what stage your yoga journey. Her instruction goes beyond demonstration, as Laura interacts with individuals as and when during each session, which means postures are adjusted and you learn more about what you are trying to achieve and how far you can take things.

I like how Laura has the ability to recognise individual needs, if you can’t quite get into the main posture yet, she suggests alternatives which can help to get you there eventually, so you always feel you are maximising the opportunity to be all you can be. My understanding of yoga has increased as has my energy levels, stamina and inner peace going to these classes 2/3 times a week for over 2 years now and I always learn something new!”
Kim Ross, Leith, Edinburgh.

“The practice of yoga can contribute to enhanced performance in other sports. In my own sport, lawn bowls, my abilities have greatly improved over the past few years from yoga exercises. My body muscles have become more supple through yoga postures, and my concentration has improved through yogic breathing exercises. I would recommend taking up yoga as part of the training for all those seeking to develop their abilities in sport generally”
J.A. Frances, Edinburgh

• Dedicated to Reiki

“I have known Laura for over 15 years. I initially met her through our association with the International Center for Reiki Training. I was a senior mentor teacher and Laura was assigned to me to mentor to become one of the Licensed Teachers with our program. The process of mentoring Laura required me to be in constant contact with her, to monitor her Reiki teaching and healing practices. I have also co-taught Reiki classes with her.

Laura is very easy to work with, her dedication to Reiki and her attention to details allows the student or client to receive all that is waiting for them. I found her to be open, warm, non-judgmental, experienced and knowledgable.

After Laura became a Licensed Teacher with ICRT, our mentorship moved into a friendship and I have been able to observe over the years her dedication to Reiki, and also dedication and commitment to become the same kind of Yoga Instructor as she was a Reiki Professional.

Whether you come to Laura for Reiki or Yoga, you will be getting a person who has the experiences and training to guide you to open up to become the person you were meant to be.”
Beth Simmons Stapor, PhD, Professional Licensed Reiki Teacher with ICRT

• Reiki classes in Kuala Lumpur

“I had done Reiki 1 in Malaysia and as I had planned to visit the UK on business I decided to enrol for a Reiki 2 class during my visit. Since the period I was in the UK coincided with a Reiki 2 class in Poole, I decided to enroll hence extending my visit by a couple of days.
My friend who lived in Bournemouth ferried me to Poole for the classes.

I was impressed by Laura’s approach and subsequently when I returned home I spoke to a few of my friends who also were at the same stage I was and we agreed to extend an invitation to Laura to conduct classes in Kuala Lumpur so we can, not only complete the programme to become Reiki Masters but also to go on to doing Karuna Reiki® Others joined us too.

Laura was very well-liked by the group and we could see she was frank and honest in her approach and an excellent teacher. She was generous in sharing her knowledge. Most importantly she was quick to adapt to local situations. She was always particular about standards and made it clear that one has to vet the qualifications and authenticity of credentials of their Reiki teachers. The practice of Reiki is always for the betterment of the clients and should not be compromised. I have great respect for Laura as a Reiki Master, teacher and as a friend”.

Jemiliah, Kuala Lumpur