Yoga for Weight Loss: 8 Week Course

Yoga classCongratulations on taking the first steps towards achieving your weight loss goals, because you’ve made it this far I know you are ready, so lets get started. You can achieve great things using the untapped power and creativity of your mind and your body.

This is a powerful NEW course that will give you the tools to allow you to reach your personal goals faster and more effectively through the dynamic combination of  yoga postures, breathing techniques, Yoga Nidra meditation and Natural Nutrition.

On this course you will learn simple tools and techniques to harmonise body mind and spirit to get in tune and work with the natural rhythms of the seasons to create positive healthy changes in your life. On this course your body will start to rest and repair itself, your mind will begin to re-program through the use of positive thinking and powerful suggestions placed in the subconscious mind during Yoga Nidra.

· Change your life around for good

· Achieve and maintain your ideal weight

· Relax your body through the power of your mind

· Experience restorative states of relaxation

· Adopt simple & effective techniques into your life

· Establish and maintain new routines

Yoga Nidra Meditation CD & Course manual included